Wholesale Program

From training and equipment to installation, support and consulting services, we customize our wholesale program to fit your needs

About Our Wholesale Program

Tailored To Your Needs and Goals

We procure 100% certified organic coffee from some of the best farms throughout the world, all of which is roasted in Joshua Tree, California. Having serviced hundreds of wholesale customers, we understand and appreciate the important role coffee plays in your business. Our delivery, shipping and pick-up services make reliably providing fresh, delicious coffee to your customers easier. No two wholesale customers are the same, so we commit ourselves to truly understanding your needs and goals while satisfying a wide range of product, equipment, servicing and training requirements as you grow.

Customer Types

Serve with Pride

We have experience supplying coffee to wholesale customers ranging from small BnB’s with low volume and no equipment needs to large branded resorts with significant volume and extensive equipment and servicing requirements. Regardless of size and volume, we treat each business as if it was our very own. That means supplying a quality organic product on time and within budget, responding quickly to needs, and providing new and unique concepts utilizing innovative techniques.

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Staff Training

Learn From the Best

Within the first month of our product supply relationships, our committed team of coffee professionals will provide free-of-charge brewing, espresso and equipment training to your staff. Whether your staff consists of seasoned baristas or first-time servers, we have experience training teams of all sizes and abilities. Additionally, we can design one-time or recurring cupping sessions and provide assistance with pre-launch training in the lead-up to opening a new cafe, restaurant or other hospitality concept.

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  • Pre-Launch Preparation

    Our team will quickly and properly educate your staff, minimizing the training you need to provide in house.

  • Espresso & Brewing Workshops

    We can host unique espresso and brewing programs at our local roastery for all or any portion of your staff.

  • Customized Cuppings

    Our roasters can design one-of-a-kind coffee cupping sessions of new and exciting roasts.

Equipment Supply

The Best Tools at No Upfront Cost

As a part of our product and equipment supply relationships, we can provide first-class coffee equipment from the brands you know and love. Even better, we build long-term relationships with our wholesale customers that typically allow us to provide this equipment at zero upfront cost. Our experience ranges from supplying individual cafe grinders for local cafes to providing and servicing dozens of high-volume brewers, grinders, cold brew kegerators and air pots to a luxury 900 room hotel and golf resort with over 200,000 square feet of events space and 8 restaurants. Whatever your needs, we can craft a mutually beneficial way to work together.

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Consulting Services

Let Us Help

We provide no-cost consulting services to all of our wholesale program customers, and we can customize our brewing, espresso, equipment, and other coffee knowledge to fit your needs. We want to see you succeed. That means providing professional advice when you're weighing ancillary coffee products, assisting with general brewing and espresso best practices, troubleshooting issues you encounter with equipment purchased from other parties, serving as a trusted guide as you plan a buildout and launch your concept, and much more.

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  • Product Expansion

    We can provide tailored advice as you consider product mix and expansion opportunities.

  • General Troubleshooting

    Our team quickly responds to questions and provides valuable guidance that will save you time and cost.

  • Planning Services

    We can provide valuable advice and information as you design your space and select equipment.

Installation and Support

Get Peace of Mind

We install the equipment we supply, provide unlimited support, perform general servicing, and ensure that necessary repairs are performed within 48 hours. Coffee equipment is the lifeblood of many businesses, and we understand that every minute of downtime costs you sales and customers. We reciprocate the trust our wholesale customers place in us with unmatched reliability and responsiveness. In the event issues arise, we are only one phone call away.

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