The Best Coffee Ever

You've just discovered what may well be the freshest, most delicious coffee on the planet, and it was roasted in the beautiful village of Joshua Tree, by hand, with love on a revolutionary Loring Smart Roaster. If the statement above sounds bold, just ask those who have tried our coffee. We hear someone say it every week. Really. We're not kidding!


We're obsessed with offering the perfect coffee. We painstakingly source the highest grade certified organic coffee available. Exquisite coffee deserves to be roasted on an equally exquisite roaster, which is why we roast on a Loring.

The Loring Smart Roaster is simply the best roaster since the invention of the coffee roaster. The drum coffee roaster remained unchanged for over 150 years until Mark Loring reinvented it here in California.

Unlike traditional roasters, which have an atmospheric burner (open flame) under the beans,  the burner is instead located in the cyclone (where chaff, a peanut like skin, is separated from the exhaust). By using a closed loop system the Loring offers a slew of advantages. It uses only 20% of the resources of a traditional roaster, creates a near zero oxygen roast environment for the beans (avoiding oxidization during the roast), and is near zero emission. Also because there isn't a heated steel drum or a flame in contact with the beans, they're roasted more gently and evenly.

Revolutionary Roaster + High Grade Coffee + Love & Passion = Super Delicious Coffee


Special coffee deserves a special bag. Each bag is airtight, resealable, features a degassing valve made by Goglio (the Italian company that invented it) and an oxygen absorber (we're the first to do this . . . watch it may just catch on ;-)

We print labels locally, hand cut them on an old 1930's paper cutter, hand apply them, and hand fill the bags with fresh roasted coffee we immediately seal for freshness.

We believe in the importance of creating jobs not buying machines, so we committed from day one to do everything by hand as long as we're in business. Also, we source everything as locally as possible including US made oxygen absorbers.

We also source Fair Trade and/or Rainforest Alliance certified organic coffee, use solar power, and use all LED lighting in our roastery/coffee bar.

Goglio valve bags from Joshua Tree Coffee Company